What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty; It is a medical therapy which is applied to treat deformities as well as respiratory system problems in the nose. Unlike common belief, nose surgical procedures are not done only for visual worries. Conditions that can be treated with rhinoplasty;

  • Concha hypertrophy
  • Nose Curvature (Septum Deviation)
  • Nose deformities due to hereditary or traumas

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    Concha Hypertrophy

    Concha hypertrophy is a health problem that protects against the breathing of the person, referred to as the nasal concha, and harms the clearness of the voice.

    This trouble is brought on by the body’s defense mechanism in case of regular or prolonged direct exposure to the material to which the person is sensitive. The body, which protects against the allergen material from being taken right into the body much more by breathing in this way, begins to make breathing hard because of the item of tissue in the nose that becomes permanent.

    Individuals can do away with these troubles in the same surgical treatment while undergoing rhinoplasty treatment.

    Nose Curvature (Septum Deviation)

    The trouble of nasal curvature is one of the most typical nasal deformities in our nation. Along with causing problems in form, in the individual;

    • Snoring
    • Postnasal drip
    • Waking-up really tired in the morning
    • Problems in job or education life due to difficulty in waking up in the early morning
    • Constant repeating sinus inflammation (sinusitis).
    • Although it is much more typical during the night, occasional nosebleeds are seen.
    • It likewise triggers problems such as headaches.

    With rhinoplasty, individuals can both eliminate the issues brought on by the curvature of the nose and have a visual nose symmetrical to their face.


    When people do not like their noses, they may experience self-confidence issues in their social lives. Nose deformites that one can have; could be genetically out of proportion to the face, the nasal bone could be excessive, the pointer might be reduced, the front part could be big, also little or as big.

    All these troubles can be treated in the same operation to make sure that the person can achieve the nose he/she fantasizes and desires. Taking into consideration the needs of the person, it is feasible to discuss what type of outcome will certainly be acquired from the pictures of the individual moved to digital media prior to the procedure. In this way, the result of the operation will certainly not be a shock for the person, as well as the person can change the points that he/she does want to.

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