What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is the general name for the relationship between the jaw bones and the head bones and the treatment of the fracturity problems that occur in the teeth.

This is an orthodontist for the science that is interested in the practice, and dentists who specialize in this field are called orthodontist.

How to Make Orthodontic Treatment?

In-mouth examinations are first performed in detail for individuals who require orthodontic treatment. Some tests are done for this. The application phase is then switched to.

First, situations that require treatment in the mouth are treated and detailed dental cleaning is performed. Then any other necessary operations, such as missing teeth or external exposure, are terminated and the person is braces.

Wire installation takes approximately 1 hour. It’ll be easy to remove in a few minutes.

In orthodontist treatment, the process usually takes about 2 years. During this period, patients regularly go to doctor’s control with the periods determined by their doctors. Otherwise, when a problem occurs with wires or brackets, people should go to their doctor immediately.

In some cases, external exposure can be done to make more room for teeth in the mouth to treat the problem of capricity in individuals. Especially for individuals with narrow jaw structure, this technique allows the teeth to relax and move away from each other to achieve a flatter look.

After Orthodontic Treatment Process

Patients should pay close attention to their feeding during this process. Especially when eating outside, foods of the type that will not create residue between the wires must be selected.

The use of acidic beverages is prohibited during this period, as this may damage the braces and other treatment structures.

In the same way, consuming very hard-shell nutrients is difficult when braces are attached. The dried-up is forbidden during treatment. To be able to consume nutrients easily, they must be extracted by hand and used by soft parts.

A suitable toothbrush must be taken to the braces and regularly brushed teeth. Brushing status for non-braces 2 times a recommended day is not valid for individuals receiving orthodontic treatment. After each meal has been eaten during this treatment, people should brush their teeth in detail. Otherwise, food residue between the braces can cause problems.