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Types of Liposuction According to Application Style:

  • The classical method, vacuum assisted liposuction
  • Using the water effect, the oils are first brought to the consistency of slurry and then withdrawn with cannulas
  • Disintegration of fat with special cannulas with mobility
  • Ultrasound (USG) provides the breakdown of fats through sound waves and then expelling them with cannulas
  • Breakdown of adipose tissue with laser beams

NOTE: In the laser liposuction technique, in addition to other methods, there is some tightening of the skin.

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Breast Augmentation

Implants used in breast augmenatation aesthetics can have different structural properties.

  • Implants by shape; anatomical or round
  • Probe with saltwater content, silicone prosthetic, gel prosthesis
  • With smooth surface, cigar finish, depending on pad

A type of prosthetic is selected, together with the individual and the physician, that includes implant characteristics appropriate to the person’s lifestyle and demands.

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Hair Transplant

The collection and relocation of the hair follicles are named in different ways according to the way they are applied. These are;

  • FUE hair plantation
  • FUT hair planting
  • DHI technique
  • Manual Punch method
  • Robotic hair is added.
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