What Fat Injection?

The fat injection is the process of injecting the fat tissue from the individual’s body with liposuction technique into a different area of the body, then passing it through special operations and becoming filling material, to solve various esthetic problems in another region.

Although it is a simple practice, it must be applied only under operating conditions by a plastic surgeon. In addition, the body mass index should not be too high and take care not to gain weight in order for this process to last and produce a good result in the individual.

How To Do Fat Injection?

First, a sedation anesthesia or local anesthesia is used to lubricate the individual with liposuction technique from areas with regional lubrication problems or high fat tissue such as butt.

When the fat accumulated in a container reaches sufficient quantity, centrifugation is disassembled between the useful part and the part that will not be used. A number of items can then be added to the useful part to provide filling and to increase its permanence.

When the filling material is ready, sufficient amounts of underskin are injected into the parts of the person that need filling. In total, all phases take approximately 1 hour.

Recovery is fast and easier than operations, since both fat tissue removal and the need for an individual to be cremated during fat injection is not necessary.