What Is Gynecomastia (Breast Development In Male)?

Gynecomastia; It is the name provided to the unusual advancement that takes place in one or both breasts of the person consequence of a problem in the level of sex hormones in men as a result of various factors. Operation is not necessary in all stages of gynecomastia, which has 4 different phases.

Obesity, medication use, hormonal changes in the newborn and teenage years, a diet plan abundant in nutrients that higher estrogen level, some compounds taken into the body throughout body building can cause gynecomastia at different phases.

Gynecomastia Phases

Gynecomastia can be seen in babies in the newborn duration, considering that the estrogen hormone, which travels through the mother’s placenta, is for some time and also the hormonal agent equilibrium is not totally established in adolescence. These are conditions that do not need treatment. Other gynecomastia issues are dealt with in various means according to different phases.

Stage 1

There are no conditions such as loosen or sagging of the skin, and there is little growth. At this stage, individuals can solve the problem by consuming healthy foos, workout routine as well as removing the element that creates hormonal agent development.

Stage 2

There is no sagging in this phase, much like in stage 1; but the breast are bigger. In this stage, people can act to remove the cause in order to workout, balanced diet program and lowering hormone degrees, as in the first stage, or they can favor liposuction surgery under local anesthetic.

Phase 3

In individuals at this stage, the breasts are both enlarged as well as drooping, and surgical therapy should be put on the person for the treatment of excess skin.

Stage 4

In this phase, drooping breast, growth and also development of mammary glands are seen in the person; breasts are extremely close in structure to women breast look. An operation is needed both to remove the tissues of the subcutaneous fat as well as milk ducts and to correct the sagging of the skin.

What Should Be Done About After Gynecomastia Operation?

After the gynecomastia operation, you can add to the healing of the cells by using the corset recommended by your physician.

In order not to experience the same issue once again after completing the healing process, it is important to eliminate the aspect that creates this problem, to exercise on a regular basis as well as to food consumption correctly. Likewise called phytoestrogen of the person should be limited;

  • Lentil
  • Soy and soy items
  • Apple
  • Pomegranate
  • Carrot
  • Strawberry
  • Cranberry

It is suggested to meticulously eat foods like on the list that may create excessive estrogen release in the bodies.