What Is DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplant?

DHI Plus Gold hair transplant technique is a DHI hair crop that has recently been developed using a special gold-tipped needle.

With this process;

  • Hair roots are minimal damage
  • Can be done without a shave
  • Process time minimized
  • Lower risk, such as bleeding and infection, as the area of the hems is kept low
  • The recovery process may take a shorter time

How To Do A DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplant?

A pen, which is specifically designed for this process called Choi, is used during the classic DHI hair transplant process. In DHI Plus Gold technique, follicles are carried out with a special design gold- needle.

It is one of the most reliable metals used in health as it does not react with any substance as it is known for its gold chemical construction feature. It also protects its own structure and does not damage the roots of the hair. However, some foliage may be lost in other metal-made pens.

During the operation, the hair roots are placed at an angle of 40–45 degrees with a golden needle.

Since anesthesia is used during the treatment, individuals do not feel any pain, pain, and the treatment is made comfortable for the patient.

After completion, additional applications can be made to facilitate the recovery of the person, such as mesotherapy, cream treatment, hyperbaric treatment and oxygen delivery to the region.

Benefits of DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplant Technique

Individuals with serious hair loss problems and who are still having this problem can be applied to DHI Plus Gold hair transplant.

Individuals who want to process without shaving can choose this app.

According to other techniques, the number of grafts removed and the ratio of grafts to remain alive is high.

The bleeding is less likely than other techniques by opening the canal. The use of gold needles and minimal bleeding in the application area makes the treatment more susceptible to infection. However, of course, the risk of infection should always be considered.

The post-treatment recovery process can be slightly shorter and faster than other techniques.

It is not necessary to have very serious hand skills to position and position the follicles correctly.