What Is Breast Reduction?

The breast reduction operation is a surgical operation that can be treated for individuals who are esthetically uncomfortable with large volumes of breasts and suffer from large breasts and have lower back and neck pain.

In some individuals, breasts have weight, genetic factors, etc. due to the large causes, there can be rash, color fade, sweating, irritating smell, bras-induced injuries under the chest. Individuals may also need a breast reduction operation (mammaplasty) to treat this situation.

How To Do Breast Reduction?

It is important that individuals have passed the stages of development so that they can undergo a breast reduction operation. The operation under general anesthesia may take up to 2–4 hours depending on the severity of the problem the person is experiencing.

The operation is initiated by a special incisor called a Reverse T-incline or Lollipop. The thoracic tissue is extracted proportionally, taking into account the body ratios of the individual, removing excess skin and fat tissue. If there is a droop problem, the nipples are positioned upwards and are restitched if the nozzle tip is too large, by taking it too short and leaving it smaller.

The diapers are not damaged during all operations. This allows individuals to get pregnant after surgery and feed their babies with breast milk.

Recovery Process After Breast Reduction

After the breast reduction operation, it is important that individuals rest on the first days and not use any other medication other than the painkillers given by their physician.

People come to the dressing room on the days their doctor sets them up, and they should consult their doctor when they can have their first bath in the process.

In the first weeks, the person should not lift heavy loads, stay up too long and exercise to avoid damaging their tissues.

After surgery, edema and swelling are expected in the chest and surrounding tissues. Salt must not be consumed and plenty of water must be drank to solve these problems quickly. And the healthy feeding of a person will help to heal.

Alcohol consumption should be cut off a few days before and after the operation and no smoking should be taken on the day of the operation and a day after the operation.

A year after surgery, the breasts will reach the expected form and appearance.