What İs Zirconium Veneers?

The zirconium veneers are suitable exterior veneers technique for individuals with a high resistance to the heat, white color, sensitive to metal. The zirconium in a natural-looking, bright and light-passing construction is a firm and firm material. This means that it has a structure that maintains its bright and beautiful first day for quite a long time and performs functions such as chewing, biting and so on.

The zirconium veneerss, which are preferred materials for those who want to design smiles, are also known to be very resistant to substances that distort their appearance by coloring teeth such as cigarettes, tea and coffee. Therefore, individuals with such habits can maintain a long-term natural and bright smile with zirconium veneers that will not neglect oral care.

How To Make Zirconium Veneers?

For the application of zirconium veneers, the teeth of the individual inside the mouth are first reduced and aligned with the veneers.

The patient can specify their own demands for the shape of the overlays. Veneerss with external design in different views can be easily made.

CAD CAM technology is used during the construction of veneerss. To do this, the appearance of tissue inside the mouth is transferred to a computer environment by an optical aid of the individual. A special software used here will remove the one-to-one mold that matches the mouth exactly the way the individual intended it to be.

The veneers is then permanently attached to the thread using special medical adhesive.

After Zirconium Veneers Treatment Process

In the process after the zirconium veneers treatment, individuals should not neglect the care of their veneerss and make the right nutritional choices, although it is a material that is resistant to color change.

For this, attention should be paid to the consumption of caffeine-containing beverages such as tea, coffee and cola, acidic beverages and cigarettes, which can cause discoloration of the teeth.

People should brush their teeth twice a day, just like their natural teeth, and use regular dental floss. As long as oral care is done correctly, zirconium crowns can be permanent for more than 10 years in the individual.

Habits such as nail biting, biting the back of a pencil, clenching the jaw while sleeping at night and grinding teeth should be abandoned, and crustacean foods should not be broken with teeth.