What Are Butt Aestetic Treatments?

Butt lift; It is the basic name provided to medical as well as non-surgical procedures related to people who want to have a curved and also aesthetic butt because of factors such as aging, weight gain, maternity, hereditary hip asymmetry.

Since the genetically owned hip shape of Brazilian ladies is admired throughout the globe and several women have this kind of hips, these applications are likewise called Brazilian butt lift, Brazilian Butt Aesthetic.

To give this visual look;

  • Making clear the boundary lines and folds of the butt
  • If it is tiny or large contrasted to the body, it must be symmetrical.
  • Removing the excess skin and also adipose tissue, making the skin tighter
  • By getting rid of fat tissue from the midsection area, treatments are performed in the form of thinning the waist and achieving a much more emphasized look of the hips.

Butt Augmentation With Fillers

Butt augmentation with filler is a non-surgical procedure, in which the buttocks are formed utilizing just filler. The individual can return to her/his every day life instantly hereafter application; however, it is not chosen a lot due to the fact that it has a permanence of up to 2 years.

Butt Augmentation with Fat Injection

The filling material used in this strategy is gotten from the subcutaneous fat tissue in the body of the individual. Considering that the application appropriates for people with a specific quantity of fat, it can not be done in every individual. Among the benefits it offers is that it gives an extra in shape appearance by getting rid of the fat from the region in case of local adiposity.

Buttock Enhancement With Silicone Prosthesis

This application is generally chosen when there is insufficient fat in the individual’s body or because it is recognized that the optimum quantity of adipose tissue that can be taken will not suffice for the procedure.

It is the procedure of shaping the butt by positioning silicone prostheses in between the hip muscular tissue and the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Since it is performed under general anesthesia, the individual can remain at the hospital for 1-2 days and also the recuperation period is a little longer than various other applications.

Butt Lift Surgical Treatment

Butt lift surgical procedure, which is one of the butt aesthetic procedures, is performed to get rid of issues such as sagging of the skin on the hips as well as flat appearance because of aging or weight adjustments.

All treatments in buttock looks can be dealt with together. Particularly lipo and also fat injection strategies can be used in different butt aesthetic procedures for shaping as well as making lines clear.