What Is Face Stretch?

Facial stretching surgery is surgery to remove the sagging and wrinkles on the skin in this area. Operations to make the face look younger, beautiful and energetic. In general, it is intended to eliminate the effects of aging in three areas: Face, neck and jaw. The success of the surgery depends on the patient’s age, skin characteristics and personal characteristics.

If the individual doctor takes his advice very closely, he can get the new face he imagined within a few months before any complications occur.

How To Do Face Stretch Treatment?

The most important point in surgery, which will have a very different context for the patient, is that the cuts are made from the right points and will be hidden by turning from skin to color over time. Therefore, cuts are made under the ear and under the chin where the roots of the forehead and hair are joined.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It has a time of between 2 and 3 hours depending on the surface operating area or areas. It’s not a painful operation; pain can be corrected by painkillers. Even in the most extensive face stretching operations, the patient can be discharged on the same day. In a few weeks, the face will have a new look.

During the treatment, the skin can be slummed down to the layers, several layers of sewn up, resulting in a more robust, permanent and effective tension.

What Is The After Face Stretch Process?

After surgery, the face is bandaged with the eyes and nose exposed. Inflatable, bruising, mild numbness and skin tensions may appear, and they are natural. Neckbrace is worn by the patient to minimize swelling and bruising. At the end of the first seven days, the swelling will begin to drop. After removing your facial bandage, the seams will be removed.

In the process, you can do your daily work that doesn’t bother you. Wearing a neckstrap while sleeping will help. After 15 days of surgery, the bruises gradually heal and the patient can return to his daily life. The facial sensation loss may take a few weeks, and it may take a few months for it to be completely lost. Direct sunlight should be avoided for the first 6 months. The solarium must be avoided. Even if this changes from one patient to another, after 12 months, your new appearance will be fully revealed.

Also, no smoking should be consumed with alcohol a few days before and after the treatment.