What Is White Fill?

White fill is filled with a special rigid substance called this sort of common common, called a composite sheet of natural tooth color known as composite fill in type. First in dough form, this fill hardens and dries thanks to the LED light held on it after it is placed on the outside of the individual.

It then adapts after a while by connecting the chemical bond to the thread. When applied by an experienced dentist on this subject, a person facing down may not be able to distinguish the white fill from the actual tooth.

Who Can Have White Filling Procedure?

  • When there is a problem of tooth smear and color change
  • For repairing cavities
  • When the gap is closed in the event of a small gap between the two teeth
  • To correct the problem with broken or cracked teeth
  • When a portion of the root of the tooth should be preserved in the event of a tooth shortage
  • White to correct the shape and shape of the tooth filling is possible.

How To Make A White Fill?

Prior to white fill or composite fill, a detailed oral examination is first performed and the tooth of the individual is treated as a rotten tooth.

The region is drugged with local anesthesia before the treatment, but in some cases, this fill can be applied without anesthesia.

The area where the fill is placed is thoroughly cleaned and arranged to suit the operation.

The composite fill is then placed and assembled with the thread to shape it for its natural exterior.

After White Fill Application Process

After applying a white fill, some people may experience a sensitivity to cold and heat. This is considered normal on the first days, but very cold and hot foods and beverages should be avoided. After a while, this problem will be fixed itself.

Oral care should not be neglected for long-lasting filling, regular floss and regular brushing habits must be obtained.

The local anesthesia application must be expected for 1 to 2 hours after the procedure and no food or beverages should be consumed during this period.

Painkillers can be used on the first days, but you should only use the medication your dentist has recommended for you. You should consult your doctor before using the medication for a non-specific situation.