What Is Breast Lifting?

Breast lifting is the name given to the intended esthetic processes to recover breasts with two different techniques called mastopeksi and sagging problems. These operations are generally carried out in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast reduction operations. The most common causes of breast-hanging problems in individuals are the loss of diapers and the increase in weight during the post-breastfeeding period. In some individuals, genetically, breasts can thrive in a saggy form during adolescence.

Also, not using a special bra during sports and not having the appropriate bra shape by recognizing one’s own breasts or using a wrong bra can cause a hanging problem over time.

How To Do Breast Lifting Treatment?

For the breast lifting operation, the first issues such as how far the position of the breast will be removed, whether or not too much skin will be removed, and what type of implant should be used are planned by the physician.

Under general anesthesia, in general, during the 2-hour operation, the nozzle head is placed in the agreed position and the excess skin is removed.

In people with too much breast tissue, they can remove some of the tissue and implant it; in individuals with low breast tissue and skin surplus (most during the post-weight loss and post-breastfeeding period), the process is terminated by inserting silicone prosthetics.

What Is The After Process of Breast Lifting?

After a breast lifting operation, the individual may need to stay in the hospital for a while. The patient leaving the operation can start eating after 3–4 hours. After eating, it is helpful to walk the hospital corridor, which is short, not exhausting.

48 hours after the operation (according to your doctor’s advice), the person can take a bath, but the dressing areas must be very careful and not washed with very hot water.

A doctor check is required 3 days after surgery to check the dressing. After this, a doctor can be taken to assess the condition of breasts every few months.

The first 3–4 weeks of heavy physical activity, heavy lifting and very tiring work must be avoided.

On average, after 3 months, the breasts reach the desired form. The first rash, bruises, edema and swelling gradually heal by themselves within a few weeks and the tissues recover.