One Day Implants

In one day, implant treatment means that when an individual arrives at the clinic, immediately his treatment is completed and he has been released from the clinic at the end of the session with new implants. This is a very fast and practical treatment that provides an immediate solution to problems that a person experiences from missing teeth or teeth.

Unlike the one that’s thought to be, it’s not just a single, or a small number of nits;

  • One tooth
  • Whole mouth
  • The number of missing teeth of the person can be applied as desired.

How To Make Implant In One Day?

If there are no problems in the tissue of the individual, such as the hammer joint and palate, which will support the implant, implant treatment can be performed within the same day after dental pull. With the dedicated imaging device, the physician can instantly control the tissue of a person during treatment. The physician monitors all processing steps.

The local anesthesia application is first used to provide adequate locality in the region.

The jaw is then implanted using a special tool called frez, and the healing cap is installed.

Finally, the process is terminated by adding the prosthetic thread to fit the position on the cover.

After One Day Implant Process

After dental implant treatment, individuals should not consume any solids or liquid food until after the first few hours of anesthesia wear off.

After the first hours after the operation, very hot and very cold foods must not be consumed until a few days recovery is complete. In pure form, meals like warm soup can be made that don’t have to be chewed.

You should only use the painkillers recommended by your physician for the pain problem and ask your physician for advice before using any other medication.

You need to show the sensitivity needed to the stitching and go to the check to get your stitches removed at the time your doctor has indicated.

People may want to spit out the fluid and the bleeding that accumulated in the mouth during the first hours after the procedure. However, actions such as spitting or mouthing with water prolong the time required for bleeding to stop and delay healing. Therefore, you must be patient with this request and allow the tissue to recover.

Symptoms such as post-treatment bleeding, swelling, are normal situations where self-healing is expected, do not worry.