What Is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy operation; It is a visual treatment performed to clear up the shapes of the cheek, additionally known as cheek thinning procedure.

Fat tissue called bichat in the cheek area might establish greater than regular in some individuals. Occasionally it can be seen that also slim people have genetically excess fat in the area. Since this fat buildup on the cheeks is immune to being gotten rid of by diet and also workout, it can be really tough to lose weight in this field. This fat, which creates a rounder face (apple cheek), can be removed by bichectomy and the person can attain a face look with finer and also clearer lines.

How Is Bichectomy Operation Performed?

Bichectomy is a procedure that can be performed without scarring thanks to a short-term as well as really tiny cut done under local anesthetic.

After a 1 centimeter laceration is made, the bichat fat bags are gotten rid of from the cheeks. Hereafter application, the individual don’t experience any muscle issues, facial expressions or tension that may disrupt the person while grinning.

The application takes about 45 minutes generally and also is ended with 1 or 2 self-dissolving stitches. By doing this, people who have gone through bichectomy operation do not run into problems such as suture care and stitch taken.

Although it is an easy and short-term procedure, bichectomy is a procedure and also needs to only be carried out by cosmetic surgeons in a professional setup.

How Is The Post-Bichectomy Care?

  • Individuals who have undergone bichectomy surgery need to stay clear of really hot and difficult foods that require a great deal of chewing in the very first days of the procedure. People are encouraged to make even more soup and also pureed foods.
  • A lot of water intake is also important to decrease post-operative edema and this helps also aid tissues healing.
  • Individuals who made it through the first couple of days can return to their typical lives with the permission of their doc after the control.
  • Among the important things to be thought about after the operation is that unexpected facial activities ought to be avoided. Abrupt movements might trigger problems as the cells are not totally seated yet. It would certainly be best to invest this procedure comfortably relaxing in your home.