What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is aesthetics for individuals with asymmetrical breast problems, mastectomy operation and one breast or both breasts, when proportioned to the body, who have small breasts or want to have larger breasts.

How To Do Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmenatation operations use implants containing fat injection or silicone or saline.

Fat Injection

Fat from the individual’s regional fat problem, or the butt, are centrifugated and injected into the breasts. However, this application can lose weight and lose permanence.

This application can usually last up to 45 minutes – 1 hour with a sedation technique.

Fat Injection Aftercare

Once this technique has been applied, the most important thing for the individual to pay attention is to get the right diet and exercise regularly after completing the recovery process. Otherwise, if a person gains weight or loses too much weight, the effect of the transaction may be lost because the body fat ratio will change and the filling material applied to the body is the individual’s own fat texture.

Tissue recovery can be supported by using a corset after treatment.

Plenty of water must be consumed.

Implant Treatment

Implants used in breast augmenatation aesthetics can have different structural properties.

  • Implants by shape; anatomical or round
  • Probe with saltwater content, silicone prosthetic, gel prosthesis
  • With smooth surface, cigar finish, depending on pad

A type of prosthetic is selected, together with the individual and the physician, that includes implant characteristics appropriate to the person’s lifestyle and demands.

Then implants are placed by opening a small incisor under the chest and under the armpit.

This is an operation that can take up to 1–2 hours under general anesthesia.

Implant Treatment Aftercare

Symptoms such as post-treatment pain complaint, edema, swelling, bruising and redness are expected symptoms. In order to speed up the improvement of these situations, salt consumption must be restricted, plenty of water to drink, rest and to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes until your doctor allows it.

It is not recommended that individuals lift and force themselves after the operation.