What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgery performed under local anesthetic or general anesthetic to eliminate the sagging and also unaesthetic look of the inner lips of the vagina for any type of factor.

The inner lips of the vagina, called the ‘labium’ can expand with advanced age, birth and also hormone issues, therefore, drooping may occur in the inner lips, which triggers a negative look.

After the sagging problem, people can not wear tight clothing as well as swimwears; They might also suffer issues such as pain throughout sexual intercourse.

How Is Labiaplasty Surgical Procedure Performed?

Labiaplasty surgical procedure takes approximately 40 minutes as well as can be performed under general anesthesia and local anesthesia.

Throughout the procedure, the lips of the vagina are set up, the excess skin tissue is removed as well as a visual look is gained. Because the tissue is reinforced with visual stitches throughout the treatment, there are no surgical marks that may create a negative look.

If the person has excess skin on the clitoris, this part can lead to a very large and extending, bad appearance after the inner lips are decreased. For this reason, medical professionals likewise recommend editing this section during the application.

If the excess skin on the clitoris requires to be gotten rid of throughout the procedure, the period of the application is only 15-20 minutes much longer.

What Is The Process After Labiaplasty?

  • After the application, the person can return to her regular life after resting at home for 2-3 days.
  • It is specified that she ought to pertain to the controls after 1 week and 1 month later on to observe the condition.
  • Throughout this period, the medications that the individual need to use are suggested by her physician. Making use of random painkillers, which is among the usual blunders, is certainly a wrong technique, and also prior to utilizing medicines, if the individual wishes to use a medication apart from the one offered by her physician, she needs to absolutely alert her doctor before utilizing it.
  • The application can likewise be performed with a laser and by doing this, a faster recovery procedure and also far better results can be gotten. Additionally, with laser therapy, the darkening issue of the individual in the area due to hormones or advanced age can be removed.
  • The shade correction procedure takes regarding 15-20 mins and the person can get through the healing process in a short time by using painkillers.