Smile Aesthetic and Design

The aesthetic and design of laughter is a treatment applied to individuals with diametrical teeth, who have been traumatized and have suffered a blow to the mouth, who want to make their smile esthetic for a variety of reasons, such as car accident injuries.

The applications are extensive in this area and are planned by the physician in accordance with the problems, budget and demands of the individual.

First, diseases found in intra-oral tissues such as tooth rot and gums that require treatment are treated.

They then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different treatment options that are proportional to the budget of the individual as requested, and decide on a joint practice with the physician.

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    Most commonly used applications of smile esthetic and design;

    • Teeth whitening (bleaching)
    • Pink esthetic (gums esthetic)
    • Implant treatment
    • Overlay treatments
    • Orthodontic treatments (braces).

    How Do You Make Smile Esthetic And Design?

    First, pictures of a person’s smile from different profiles are taken and digitized.

    When the agreed transaction is finalized, the dentist will display the outcome of the person’s prediction. This allows the patient to specify points of interest and dislike and to talk about their ideas about the outcome.

    With this technique, nothing about the outcome and process is an unforeseen surprise for the patient. This minimizes the person’s concerns about the transaction.

    Once the treatment plan has been fully agreed, the session is scheduled and all applications are performed to the individual in order.

    Oral Care After The Treatment

    After the esthetic and design of the smile oral care should be treated in a way that is different from the natural teeth. Individuals should regularly brush their teeth 2 times a day using a soft-tip toothbrush and toothpaste recommended by their doctor. He should also perform deep oral care at regular intervals using floss.

    In order to avoid losing the white tooth appearance after the smile design (to prevent the teeth from getting yellow), which is acidic, cola, sugar level too high, such as tea and coffee, these types of foods must be consumed in control and immediately after they are consumed, the mouth must be flussed with water or the teeth brushed.

    Breaking hard-shell nutrients with teeth can also be very harmful.

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