What Is Neck Lift Surgical Treatment?

Neck lift; It is a surgical operation that gets rid of the troubles of loosening up and also sagging of the skin in the neck location and supplies the neck with a straight as well as vibrant look.

As a result of aging, the skin tissue in the neck area of individuals loses its elasticity and also drooping and wrinkle problems might happen. Abrupt weight loss can also create drooping of the skin in the neck area after an individual of any kind of age acquires excessive weight and afterwards loses these weights rapidly.

In order to eliminate all these problems, the individual needs to undergo neck lift procedure.

How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Neck lift procedure is a treatment done under general anesthesia by a plastic surgeon.

The lacerations to be made in the individual are made in a manner that originates from the earlobe in front of the ears as well as from there to the rear of the ear. In this way, after the procedure, the incisions stay in the areas where the hirsute skin of the ear is shut, as well as given that there will be very little traces left, the individuals who have actually simply met will not realize that they have undergone neck lift surgical procedure unless the individual herself/himself tells it.

After the treatment, the skin is stretched, the excess cells is cut and the staying part is stretched as well as sutured once more. A small drainpipe is positioned to the person in order to stop the buildup of blood throughout the procedure.

What Is The Process After Neck Lift Surgical Treatment?

  • After approximately 5 hrs after neck lift surgical procedure, the patient needs to be led as well as fed.
  • The plasters of the individual remain for 1 week. Bandages are of terrific significance for the bond as well as healing of tissues.
  • Drainpipes are generally removed the next day or 2 days later on by the individual’s medical professional.
  • It is expected that the person’s issues such as edema, swelling, bruising and also redness at the procedure site will recover automatically in the first weeks after the application.
  • Painkillers and also liquid assistance are given to the individual to relieve post-operative pain. In this process, depending on the discomfort threshold of the individual, not very severe yet bearable discomfort is observed.
  • Surgical marks may be evident in the first months; yet within 1 year it ends up being progressively vague. Considering that the incision site is very carefully selected, the individual will not have any kind of troubles in his/her social life throughout this recovery procedure.