What Is Hair Transplant?

The techniques used to solve problems such as hair transplant, hair loss, weakening and dilution. Hair-planting operations must be carried out by a physician who specializes in this area in a clinical environment. The operation is specifically planned and implemented according to the problem and examination findings experienced by the individual.

During the treatment, the body’s healthy hair tissue is mainly removed and transported to the scalp in the area of swatch or bald. This results in an even and natural appearance.

The collection and relocation of the hair follicles are named in different ways according to the way they are applied. These are;

  • FUE hair plantation
  • FUT hair planting
  • DHI technique
  • Manual Punch method
  • Robotic hair is added.

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    FUE Technique

    In this technique, each hair root is picked up one by one and placed in the area to be added. There is no way to collect and add collectively again. Each follicle is taken and placed one by one.

    FUT Technique

    In this technique, the hair roots are removed from the ribbon and are placed in this way by sewing into the hairless area. The patient may have a trace in the form of a line. It’s not much of a choice today.

    DHI Technique

    In the form of a strike, the hair is picked up in the region by means of a special pen called Choi, and also greft is placed in the area where choi and his cut or duct are to be opened and planted. This application, similar to the FUE technique, consists of a shorter period and less stages than that.

    Manual Punch Method

    In this technique, using two separate devices, the hair roots are removed and collected with a special pen called punch, which will be more minimal damage than the FUE. Then, one by one, planting the application site.

    Robotic Hair Transplant

    One of the most modern hair-planting techniques, the hair is collected and placed one by one, as in the FUE technique, with robotic arms without touching the human hand.

    Hyperbaric Application

    After hair-planting treatments, oxygen treatment is performed in the treatment area and the process is called hyperbaric treatment to reduce recovery and help to recover tissues.

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