What Is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a gums infection that causes the gums to move away from the teeth and the teeth to not be adequately supported. This discomfort is a very common problem, and it usually occurs in people who neglect oral care.

Not just the teeth, but the support of the periodontitis teeth that are harmful to all the soft tissue around it can cause a person to lose their teeth/teeth even if they are healthy. Therefore, it is a problem that should not be late when the symptoms are noticed and should be taken very seriously.

Periodontitis Causes

Individuals first have the habit of neglecting oral care. This habit then occurs in the person in the form of tartar (dental stone).

The outer stones, which are filled with bacteria, are constantly damaging the teeth and gums unless they are removed from the mouth.

After a while, the periodontitis problem, called withdrawal, occurs in the gums caused by damage.

If a person starts to pay attention to oral care again and immediately applies to the dentist for the cleaning of the scales, they can reverse the process and get a chance to get a healthy oral structure again. Otherwise, pulling on the gums as the condition progresses may result in tooth loss and inability to treat dental implants.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

  • Immediate bleeding during brushing
  • Breath smell
  • Blistering, fog, purple or dark red gums look
  • Pain during food chewing
  • New gaps have been created by opening the gap, especially at the bottom of the teeth
  • Loosening and swinging teeth
  • Thread loss
  • Separations and gaps between teeth and gums
  • The teeth appear longer than before
  • Increased gum sensitivity when touched
  • Bleed gums while eating food such as apples, pears
  • When biting, teeth are forced and gums are hurt, and the teeth are the symptoms of the gums being pulled.

Once these symptoms have been detected, people should contact a dentist to seek help and not neglect oral care.

Periodontitis Treatment

If the underlying cause of the periodontitis treatment is found to have been found to be experiencing this condition due to another disease, it is recommended that the person go to the relevant unit.