What Is Laser Lipoliz Plus?

Laser lipolysis plus is the process of sending two different wavelengths over the skin with a special instrument to make sure that the oil tissue in the region is fragmented and driven. This application is very useful for both binding and regional scrutining.

The effects it provides;

  • Regional thinning
  • Body shaping and shaping
  • Strapping, reassembly and rejuvenation of skin
  • To solve the sweating problem in the underarm area

How To Make Laser Lipoliz Plus?

The wavelengths sent on the skin in the laser lipolysis plus application are determined for the purpose of the operation. During the first wave, the oil tissue is targeted and targeted for regional lubrication. During the second wave, it is preferred for the body to be tightened and the skin to recover and create a younger look.

Available in the laser lipolysis plus application, this feature is caused by a wavelength that is not available in the conventional laser polystirene application. Therefore, laser lipolysis plus is preferred instead of classical technique when it is necessary to both lose weight and tighten and rejuvenate skin.

Before the treatment, the areas where the individual has a lubrication problem and skin problems that may require the tightening process are marked first.

Local anesthesia is then administered to the application areas so that the individual does not feel pain or pain during treatment.

Once sufficient numbness has been achieved, the special laser lipolysis plus device is held on tissues as required.

In general, a single session of individuals is sufficient for the desired outcome. The duration of the session varies from person to person, but can last up to 1 hour.

What Is The Process After The Laser Lipoliz Plus?

The individual is made with a small inclination of 1–2 mm to be able to perform the application. Since this incisor is quite small, it becomes vaguely indefinite within a year and does not cause disturbing scar tissue.

The first days after the operation may be necessary to apply bandages to help recover tissues.

People may experience tolerable pain after processing. They should use the medicine their doctor gave them for them.

Restricting salt consumption and consuming plenty of water for edema and swelling problems will help to improve such symptoms quickly.