What Is Leg Aesthetic?

Leg aesthetics; It is an surgical treatment that performs to eliminate appereance problem of one’s leg as planning by the doc according to the patient.

Common leg appereance problems;

  • Genu valgum
  • Much thin or thick legs
  • Knock-Knee Diseases (such as X or O shape)
  • Assymetrical legs

How Is Leg Aesthetic Performs?

Aesthetic problems in the legs are generally occurs because of the inability of people to get enough vitamin D throughout childness. Some circumstances are congenital shape problems.

Thanks to the uneven distribution of the fat in the leg area, a crooked look may happen in the person’s legs. Thus situated, the person’s fat is reform and distributed at the needed rate with lipsuction and fat injection combination.

If the patient does not have sufficient fat cells to be injected, fillers containing hyaluronic acid can be utilized.

Treatment generally takes 1 to 3 hrs depending upon the patient’s issue.

Some people may feel discomfort if their legs are too thick or too thin. Filling and implant can be used to treat thin legs, while liposuction can be used for thick legs.

Knock-Knee syndrome, called bilateral genu valgum deformity, can be noticed in childness. If it is not a problem that restricts the individual’s gait and movement and disturbs him/her, the surgical operation may not be necessary. It is known to happen mostly thanks to rickets disease.

In the same way, necessary applications are discussed to provide the aesthetic look of the patient in the asymmetrical legs.

What Is The Process After Leg Aesthetics?

Things to consider after the treatment might change as per to the preferred method to get rid of the problem.

Despite the fact that it is not required to stay in the hospital generally after the treatment, it might be necessary to stay for 1-2 days depending upon the anesthesia.

Leg motions ought to be limited for the very first days and the patient should not walk.

In the post-op period, the legs can be aided with a pillow and held up to prevent swelling in the area, and it can be good for the pain caused by swelling.

With the recommendation of the doc, a corset can be used to increase the recovery time of the cells.

It is normal to see bruising, redness, swelling and edema in the first days after the treatment and these symptoms will go away within a few days.