What Is Liposuction (Fat Removal Technique)?

Liposuction or in other words, fat removal technique that is applied to individuals who do not have obesity problems but have excess weight problems, especially those with regional adiposity problems.

This technique has the most lubrication problem in people; It is applied to areas where fat that cannot be gotten rid of through exercise and diet is concentrated, such as waist, sides, belly, hips, upper legs, upper arms, inner parts of the leg.

Also, treatment of moderate gynecomastia, buried penis problem in men; obtaining filling material from their own bodies.

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    How Is Liposuction (Fat Removal Technique) Performed?

    The liposuction technique, which has a wide usage area in medicine, has more than one application method.

    In the classical application, tiny incisions of 0.5 – 1 mm are opened and the fat under the skin is taken out of the body by entering them with micro cannulas.

    Since the incisions are very small, the healing process is easy and the scars after the application are indistinct.

    Types of Liposuction According to Application Style:

    • The classical method, vacuum assisted liposuction
    • Using the water effect, the oils are first brought to the consistency of slurry and then withdrawn with cannulas
    • Disintegration of fat with special cannulas with mobility
    • Ultrasound (USG) provides the breakdown of fats through sound waves and then expelling them with cannulas
    • Breakdown of adipose tissue with laser beams

    NOTE: In the laser liposuction technique, in addition to other methods, there is some tightening of the skin.

    Who Can Have Liposuction?

    Those who have not given birth recently, who are not pregnant, who do not have a systemic disease, etc. Liposuction can be easily applied to many individuals.

    However, first, the necessary examinations are performed by the physician and it is checked whether the body mass index of the person is suitable for the procedure. (body mass index must be (BMI) below 30%)

    Contrary to popular belief, this application is not a suitable technique for every individual who wants to lose weight, especially for individuals with obesity problems.

    During the application, subcutaneous fat tissue is removed from the whole body on the condition that it does not exceed a certain amount (5 – 6 liters), and it is recommended that the individual stay away from any application (bad habits, wrong and irregular diet, sedentary life) that may increase the fat ratio after the procedure.

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