Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian butt lift; It is a procedure called butt augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift.

The body structure of Turkish ladies is prone to local adiposity and also has a hereditary framework with wide hip bones. Therefore, the hip area is normally in a flat as well as widespread form. People with all type of body can have this application done. In order to provide the desired kind to the butt, the person’s doctor might perform;

  • Silicon implant placement
  • Fat injection

How Is Brazilian Butt Lift Applied?

The application is carried out by a cosmetic surgeon under sterile operating room conditions with sedation anesthetic method or general anesthetic according to the technique to be favored.

Breast Implant Placement

  • First, the dental implant dimensions are readjusted according to the body size of the person.
  • After general anesthetic is used, an incision is made from the hip area of the person as well as visual stitches are placed after the implants are put on the muscle tissue.
  • The process usually takes 1-2 hrs.

In cases where there is not nearly enough fat cells in the body of the person, the silicone implant choice is preferred.

Fat Injection

  • With the help of unique mini cannulas for the application of Brazilian butt lift with fat injection, the fat cells is accumulated from the belly, waistline and sides where the individual has a regional fat issue.
  • Eliminated adipose tissue is centrifuged to become a filling up product, and also the part that will certainly be utilized is separated from the component that will certainly not be utilized.
  • The filling up material gotten from the individual’s own body is infused into the butts to form the butt. This way, some local slendering with the fat extracted from the locations that are immune to weight-loss are amongst the benefits of the application. In order to enhance the waist emphasis of the individual, it is usually favored to remove the fat from the sides of the waist.
  • The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes – 1 hr.

Besides these, another factor that ought to be found out about fat shot is that after some fat is absorbed by the body within a couple of months, the remaining appearance will be permanent. If the individual takes in way too much fat, the application might need to be duplicated.

It is likewise vital for the individual to take note of keeping his/her weight after fat injection and also butt looks in order to prevent the damage of the type in the hip as a result of weight gain.