What Is Vagina Aesthetic?

Vagina aesthetic or labioplasty is an operation to provide aesthetic looks of a vaginal with a sagging, wrinkled and large-looking vaginas on the inner and outer lips.

Each individual has a vaginal appearance that is suitable for its own genetic structure. Individuals are also able to make this practice to have the vaginal look of the world called the Barbie Doll Vaginal.

How To Do Vagina Aesthetic?

The vagina aesthetics operation is planned individually based on the problems found in the individual’s vagina.

The sagging on the inner and outer lips is corrected and a flat view is obtained. If the upper part of the vagina has excessive fat tissue, it is corrected by using liposuction technique by taking the fat tissue out of this section. Then the oil tissue from the upper region can be injected into these parts to solve the droop problem on the outer lips. Or, if there is not enough oil, oil can also be removed from the butt area or other areas with too much fat.

Once the inner and outer lips have been arranged, the clitoris area can also be removed if it has a protrusion and skin excess.

At the end of the operation, the most popular vagina view is achieved in the world where the inner lips, called the Venus line, are not visible, the outer lips are closed in a line.

In case of minor problems, general anesthesia may be applied for large or long-term operations while the operation can be carried out with local anesthesia within minutes.

After Vagina Aesthetic Process

If a person has been treated with local anesthesia in the vagina aesthetics operation, they can be discharged immediately, while the general anesthesia can be followed for 1 to 2 days in the hospital.

After the operation, you should avoid sexual intercourse and use of a buffer or a menstrual container for a few weeks that your doctor has determined.

There may be swelling and bruising in the genitals for the first 1 to 2 weeks. With rest, good nutrition, plenty of water, smoking and alcohol-free, such symptoms will soon be spontaneous.

If your doctor suggested it, you can do a cold treatment on the vagina with 20-minute intervals.

It may be necessary to use a corset to help recover tissue during the first week.

It is not recommended that a few weeks of exercise, heavy lifting and heavy body fatigue can be dangerous.