What Is Double Chin Aesthetic Treatment?

Double chin treatment; It refers to the treatments performed in order to remove these problems in individuals with fat buildup and/or excess skin in the chin location as well as to make certain that the jowl area has a level and visual appearance. After this application, the focus on the face and also jaw lines of the person increases and the person has a beautiful, younger look.

What Is Double Chin?

Double chin; It is the name offered to the location in between the start of the neck under the chin and the end of the chin. As a result of numerous reasons such as weight gain, progressed age, genetic factors in people, fat accumulation and also drooping and also a bad appearance are among one of the most typical problems.

On the other hand, although some individuals are weak, double chin development can be seen as a result of excess body fat, malnutrition, bad habits and hereditary reasons.

How Is Double Chin Aesthetic Treatment Performed?

After checking out the person’s problem, the double chin problem can be dealt with by surgical or non-surgical treatments in order to supply dewlap esthetics by the doctor.

Non-Surgical Solutions

Excess fat under the skin in the double chin location is gotten rid of by lipo technique in people that have even more weight issues, fat ratio in their body or genetic elements.

It is not an appropriate procedure for individuals who have excess fat tissue and have drooping skin problems. In people with drooping skin, the trouble might end up being extra pronounced with the elimination of adipose tissue. Additionally, people require to not put on weight and change their bad eating behaviors to ensure that they do not experience the issue of getting fat in the dewlap area once more after liposuction.

Amongst the applications done are USG waves, thermal application as well as hyaluronic acid therapy. However, such applications are suitable for individuals that have really small troubles or that want to shield against jowl formation.

Double Chin Aesthetic Surgical Procedure

It is specifically favored for fixing sagging and also jowl issues with each other. It is likewise a treatment that can be carried out during a renovation operation.

The neck area is stretched by opening the lacerations behind the ear, and also the jowl appearance ends up being level; Excess skin tissue is cut off and also the last remaining component is tautly sutured once more.